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Stay Calm & Wedding On: Tips to Stay Sane

Keep Calm and Plan Your Wedding

1. Eat!

Make sure you are not the type of bride that feels like you don't need to eat or feed your party. This will NOT end well. Make sure to provide a lunch for you and your wedding party prior to any of the festivities. Trust us when we say, you will still fit into your dress after having a sandwich or two and you will feel much more at ease for doing so.

2.Confirm everything PRIOR to your day.

Even though you may be very organized and feel like this should be a universal trait... it isn't. Ensure that you have your wedding planner triple check that all vendors are on the same page in terms of time and scheduling. There is nothing worse than waiting on a vendor to arrive which in turn holds everything else up for preparation.

3. Leave EXTRA EXTRA time for hair and make-up.

Unless you have a hair and makeup artist PER bridesmaid, than we suggest to give yourself LOTS of time to prepare. You and your party will be sitting for quite a while getting all of this done and if it is running behind, I promise you will be getting very antsy and agitated. Not a very good way to start your day.

4. Try your dress on the day before your wedding.

This may seem risky but you will be glad you did it. It may have been a few weeks since your alterations had finished and your body might have changed slightly, especially if you are putting yourself through some pre-wedding diet (even though you are beautiful as is ;) )

5. Learn how to politely say "no".

If you do not have a wedding planner, there will be situations where you will be overwhelmed with people asking you questions and giving suggestions on how to do things. If you are feeling like it's too much information and need a breather, just simply say "thank you, but no". Another great piece of advice is to have a friend with you at all times to help you stand your ground. It may be difficult to say "no" to your soon-to-be mother-in-law but it will help you keep your sanity on your day if you do.

All my love,

Charlie xo.

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