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"Month/ Day-of Coordination"

Providing complete, stress-free Coordination of the day to ensure that everything runs smoothly just like you planned it. We offer 6-8 weeks of services prior to the Wedding to help pull together all of the loose ends to ensure that nothing has been missed and everything is coordinated seamlessly. We will work closely with your Vendors as well as using all of your current plans to make sure that this day turns out exactly how you are wanting and you are able to finally relax and enjoy it to the fullest.

investment starts at $3,499 + hsT

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"Partial Planning"

With every detail accounted for, we take all of your pre-booked Vendors and decisions made thus far and coordinate them into one tightly knit package to ensure that the final product is of the utmost perfection. With this, we help you design the Wedding as a whole alongside your Vendors as well as our amazing Lead Designer to ensure that your vision truly comes to life.


"Full Planning"

From booking your Venue and Vendors all the way to finalizing your last Seating Chart, we take every little detail under a microscope to ensure that this event is planned to perfection. From large events to small soirees, we put every effort into each Wedding that we plan to ensure that your hard earned time and funds are well spent and give you unforgettable moments in return.



"2-Hour Planning Session"


Feel like you can handle most of the planning on your own but just need a bit of guidance along the way? Book your 2 hour planning session with our Lead Coordinator to help get you on your feet and on your way to planning your perfect day! Whether you are not sure on where to begin or you are just stuck on one aspect - we're here to help with all of your planning questions and needs to help send you in the right direction!

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