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8 Ways to Surprise Your Groom!

Trying to think of ways to surprise your Groom on the big day? We've curated some great ideas for you to steal! 1. Make a Video Have you ever watched a Rom-Com movie and gotten the chills from their love story? Create something like this of your own (either you just reciting all the ways on how you love him or a full blown movie of your life together) to really express your love to him on the day.

2. Plan for His Favourite Breakfast Place to Deliver the Morning of the Wedding This is great way to show you care and doesn't have to take too much effort. The thought here goes such a long way and a man who's been fed is definitely going to be happy.

3. Send a Love Note If your fiance is more of a hopeless romantic than nothing is more romantic than a hand-written letter from you to him to read on the morning of the wedding. Bring on the Kleenex!

4. Get Him Something from His Childhood You will have to ask his family members or old friends for help with this but this is the greatest personalized gift that will for sure bring him all the warm and fuzzies. Some ideas are an old book he used to read with a personalized note inside or maybe even an old teddy he used to carry around. This will definitely stir some emotions up on the morning of.

5. Fly in an Old Friend If your man is a social butterfly than you know how important having all of his friends there is. Make sure all of them can attend by coordinating a secret arrival of their favourite friend who might not have been able to come originally.

6. Create a Dance to His Favourite Song This is a great group activity if you want to include your girls to help you with this one! Some grooms LOVE to dance and making a dance for them will make them feel like you really do take part in their interests and create some live entertainment for your guests as well!

7. Boudoir Photo Shoot This is a steamy classic that a lot of Brides opt for since it's just so unsuspected! You will definitely knock his socks off with a gift like this!

8. Make a Grand Exit Fireworks or sparkler exits will make things seem so exciting for not only him but also your guests! You can have your DJ/ band member announce that this gift is from the Bride to the Groom beforehand to make sure he knows how much hard work went into keeping this a secret.

All my love,


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