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7 Tips on How to Have a Fun Wedding!

Looking for something unique to add to your Wedding to make sure your guests are talking about this magical day for weeks to come? Look no further than these great and affordable ideas that are easy to source and easy to add!

1. Focus on the Guest Experience. Ask yourself if you were the guest what you want to see, hear, do, watch, experience. Putting yourself in their shoes whether that be trying unique foods, adding group games/ activities around the space etc., will help you get creative with adding unique details into your day.

2. Add in your Personality. Adding in small details that represent bits of your relationship puts a whole new light on your wedding and how bonded the two of you are. Music lovers can add vintage guitars on a wall as their guest book signing station. Travelers can have luggage tags as their seating chart cards. The list is endless.

3. Make-It-Yourself Food Stations. Food is always going to be a huge part of any wedding and in some cultures, it's the make or break for the whole event. Adding a twist to the food choices like an Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Stand, Oyster Shucking Bars or Make Your Own Pizza Station will only heighten their experience and have them talking about your wedding long after the day passes.

4. Use one-of-a-kind pieces throughout. Creating never-before-seen tablescapes will leave your guests in awe of the detail you have put into this event. Add beautiful vintage tiles as your charger plates or using upside down light bulbs as your signature drink glassware will make it that much more special.

5. Go Local. Support local wineries or support small restaurants close to your venue to have a more intimate feel to the selections you have made. You can even have one of the staff members attend the event to talk more about their wines and help by giving a back story to why you selected their brand.

6. Customize the small things. Whether it be custom wine bottle labels, monogrammed cocktail napkins or engraved glassware - adding these small pieces will catch everyone's eye and really impressed with how much time and effort you have put into everything.

7. Mobile and Pre-Pour Bars. These alternative bars are a current hit and give the event some serious relaxed vibes. Having these at your wedding add an element of surprise that your guests will most likely have never seen in person before and will love the flexibility it gives them to try multiple kinds of flavours.

All of these ideas are amazing ways to make your wedding as one of a kind as you are. Keep your hobbies and likes in mind mixed with what your guests would enjoy you are well on your way to creating a wedding of a lifetime!

All my love,



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