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Getting Married in 2017? Here's How To Be Ahead Of The Trends

Less. Is. More. This has been a coming trend for the last little while and it's been working in everyone's favour. Here are some tips to keep your wedding fresh and modern.

Anything But Flowers

No. not flowers... plants. Flowers are becoming more and more expensive to include for the average couple so they are retreating to simpler centrepieces. Add some succulents, simple greenery or make your centrepieces out of solely branches that you and your friends have found yourselves! Easy to do and easy on your wallet.

Trendy Wedding Table with Succulents

Brand Wedding Centrepiece


Shining bright like a diamond will make RiRi proud but will also make your wedding stand out visually to your guests. Mixing silvers, golds and coppers used to be taboo but now it has become a way to show depth and creativity in your decor.

Mixed Metallic Wedding Decor

Mixed Metals Wedding Decor

Location Location Location!

Before the wedding even happens, the location is one of the few things that your guests are let in on. So you better make it good! Choosing unexpected venues is what intrigues the guests months before you even get to show them your amazing decor or "to-die-for" dress. Some great ideas for venue spaces are old industrial buildings, museums, botanical gardens or conservatories and historic libraries. All of these spaces are easy to make your own and leave you with lots of room to create your own personal style.

Conservatory Wedding

Historic Library Wedding

To Cake or Not To Cake?

For some couples, the cake cutting ritual is becoming a little TOO traditional for them. So, instead of having an elaborate 6-tier cake they are settling for something a bit more modest or not having a cake at all. Naked Cakes are by far one of our favourites and are a definite trend for 2017. Naked cupcakes are also a big hit with weddings since they know most of their guests would rather dive into a solo cupcake than the actual cake itself.

Naked Wedding Cake

Naked Cupcakes

Geode Overload!

This trend is by far the most bold and eye-catching so if you are a out-of-the-box kind of bride we highly suggest trying this one out for your wedding! Geodes became a trend this past year and have continued to catch interest for those couples who just want something different. We simply can't get enough!

Geode Wedding Cake

Geode Wedding Decor

That's it for today folks! We hope you liked these ideas to keep your wedding creative and fun! "Stay Classy San Diego"

Charlie xo.

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