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Fall for us

Fall has begun and nothing can keep us from buying a PSL. Basic, we know.

If you're getting married this season, here are some cute ideas to add into your last minute plans to really make your fall theme pop!

Caramel Apples

These are worse for you than butter on a stick but holy honey boo boo child are they ever good. Adding this adorable accent for your guests or even just the kids will add a home-y vibe that we would all dig.

Fall Wedding Desserts

Fall Themed Cakes

Okay, so we like food, sue us. This cake is to die for and we can't even. Adding these rich fall colours to your cake can add some real depth and add some real inches to our waist. Totally okay with it.

Fall Wedding Cake

Classy Pumpkins

So we weren't always fans of putting pumpkins at our weddings, but look! "So Squishyyy" (Yes, we're watching Despicable Me). We love these mini "Mr. & Mrs." pumpkins and we think you should too.No pressure or anything, but like if you don't, you can't sit with us. ( Okay, so we REALLY should stop watching movies).

Mr. & Mrs. Pumpkins


These things are the best things since Snuggies for Fall weddings. Yea, we said Snuggies. Pick some up alongside a cute little basket and BOOM you've got a bunch of really grateful guests. Easy as chicken pie. Actually, chicken pie is really hard, so scratch that.

Fall Wedding Decor

Hope these helped my little minions (we really need to stop).

All my love,

Charlie xo.

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