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Now & Then - The Decades of Wedding Dresses

Looking back on your mother's wedding dress and having a quick chuckle with her is one of the sheer joys us young women have. So why not take a look at some of the decades that have passed and see what has come back into style!


The 1950's were a "funny" time for wedding dresses. ("Funny" was the nicest word we could come up with). Let's just say there was a fine line between looking "nun-like" and pulling off a little lace up top. High lace illusion neckline was a killer back in the day and it has now crept it's way back into our wedding fashion with just a few subtle changes.

1950's wedding gown

Tea-length dresses have also come back from this era, which basically gives us an excuse to buy cuter shoes... we must say, we're okay with it.

50's inspired wedding dress


Clean and simple was pretty much the theme of this decade and Audrey was a huge icon for this. I mean look at those eyeliner wings. Flawless.

Audrey Hepburn

This girl crush of a woman is so beyond elegant in this look we can almost imagine her saying "Stay classy San Diego."... almost.

Audrey Hepburn inspired wedding dress


These two heart breakers got married in the 70's and we have to say, Bianca Jagger slayed this look. Long sleeves have been around for a while but a deep cut with her arms covered stole our hearts. We and Beyonce approve. (Yes, we're friends with Beyonce and no we can't prove it)

Mick Jagger and Bianca Jagger

Today's take on the look is just as awesome and if you're confident to show that much chest than all the power to 'ya girl! We salute you.

Long sleeve wedding dress


Apparently everyone was afraid of skin in the 80's. Basically there was a lot of dress in a lot of different places. And don't even get us started with the poof on the shoulders...

1980's Wedding dress

But it looks like we have redeemed ourselves with making the dress a little more see-through so it looks like there's still a real human under there. Oh! And did we mention the poof-y shoulders are gone?! Praise the bridal gods.


From pencil-thin eyebrows to bridal chokers, only SOME of these styles have come back. *Cue J.T.'s "What Goes Around*. The good thing is, is that if you are a fan of ballgowns (and can somehow pee with that much material around your legs) than this may have been your era.

Ballgowns are still very much a thing and have been for a while but pair them with a dark lip liner and high up-do and you'll be thinking you never left that N'Sync concert.

All my love,

Charlie xo.

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