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The Coolest Wedding Photos Out There

We love a couple who can just let loose and not take things too seriously. Here are a few couples that have done just that and have gotten amazing photos out of the process!

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park theme? Absolutely.This photo makes us laugh every time. We need to find this couple and become friends with them immediately.

Giant Swing

Not only does this look like a ton of fun but what an amazing photographer to capture this!

Magic Wedding Photo

This amazing photo by Michelle Chiu has us all believing in magic. Well, maybe just the magic of photoshop but still... this bridal party looks like a ton of fun.

Waterballoon fight

We don't know about about you guys but we love water balloon fights! This looks like the perfect time to just let loose and have fun while getting these amazing shots.

Superman Wedding

Lastly, this brilliant idea to incorporate your favourite superhuman characters has us all loving this photo even more than we thought. Such a simple idea to make one great picture.

All my love,

Charlie xo.

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