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Hang on lovelies! Here comes a DIY

So it's getting closer to your big day and you want to put the finishing touches on your bridal look. How about making these adorable bridal hangers for you and your girls?!

Here is a super duper easy (and super gorgeous) way to add some sparkle to your group!

Gold Sequin Hangers

What you're going to need;

Wooden Hangers - don't choose the plastic ones as they probably wont hold the glue as well.


Hot Glue Gun

1in. gold (or silver whatever your prefer) sequin trim

Ribbon (optional)


Take your wooden hanger and place down on a flat surface. (Try and keep away from other fabrics for this). Then, take your hot glue gun and put a decent sized dot on the end of the hanger (Can be on the left end or the right end, whatever you prefer). Once you have done that, quickly grab your roll of sequin trim and attach to where the hot glue has been placed.

Gold Sequin Bridal Hangers


Once you have attached the first piece of the sequin trim to the hanger end, continue to glue and wrap your sequins along the full length of the hanger while pulling tightly to create a smooth look.


Once you have wrapped your full hanger with the sequin trim, wrap the end with the last of your sequins and cut to finish! Make sure you glue this part down nice and smooth. Once you have cut the end off, attach the last piece to the back of your hanger to hide any imperfections.


Add a little ribbon bow (optional) to the top of the hanger to add a little extra Pretty to your craft.

Gold Sequin Bridal Hangers

VOILA! Your masterpiece is done!

Now you just have to do this for your 8 other bridesmaids... good luck! :)

All my love,

Charlie xo.

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