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Say YES to your dress

Finding it hard to say "yes" to your perfect dress? Don't worry, we've got your back! Here are some useful tips to know 'how' and 'when' to buckle down and say I do.

1. Don't shop too much

If you feel like you can't even remember the dresses you tried on at the previous store, then take a break or revisit. I always tell my girls, "Quality over Quantity" when it comes to dress shopping. Once you have found a few you could say yes to (or maybe just one) revisit them and say yes to that lucky one.

2.Bring a small group of people

'The more the merrier' is unfortunately NOT the case when it comes to wedding dress shopping. Bring a select group of girls (or guys) that you believe can help you make your decision without making it for you. If this means mom only comes to the first appointment but not the follow-up appointment to re-try the dresses on, then so be it. Keep the opinions to a minimal.

3.Trust your consultant

Your consultant does this for a living and has been around the block once or twice. If you have chosen to come to their store, then give them a chance to show you what they think. You don't have to like everything they pull for you but at least let them surprise you with some fresh ideas. More often than not, you will end up liking it.

4.Trust yourself

Once you have tried on all shapes and styles (and maybe have been to your 2-3 stores), and have found that you consistently keep going back to one style or shape, stay there. You might have the body of Sofia Vergara and look good in pretty much anything, HOWEVER, there is a reason why you feel comfortable in one style over the other. Don't confuse yourself by going back and forth if you have found that you consistently like something better.

5. Stop Shopping

Once you have found the "one" or had your "moment" in a gown and with your family, then stop the hunt. There will always be something else that is gorgeous out there, but you will drive yourself crazy thinking that there will always be "something better". You had your moment in this gown for a reason, so stick with your gut and get married in the dress you love.

All my love,

Charlie xo.

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