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& Then There Was Brunch!

The latest trend these days for wedding celebrations is... you guessed it.... brunch! & I have to say, I am all for it! As someone who loves breakfast food and gathering around the table in the morning to a nice cup of coffee, this seems right up my alley!

So to brighten up your day with more wedding inspiration, I've come up with 5 reasons why brunch weddings are the new best thing.


You could all probably see this one coming, but who doesn't love a mimosa (or two) to kick start your morning! Not only does a mimosa station at your wedding look totally adorable and add some bright, beautiful colours to the space but they are also a great way to help your guests socialize and add a little zest to their morning!

2.Relaxed environment.

If you are a bride that is relaxed and cares more about the partying and the guests having a good time, a brunch wedding may be the way to go! An early morning ceremony that is short and sweet and then the rest of the day is left for you to do whatever you please!

3.Casual attire.

In a brunch scenario, it takes the pressure off of your guests to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe (and wear heels for that matter) which already puts your guests at ease. Trust me, they will thank you.

4.You can have it on Sunday

Not only is Sunday an underrated day of the week, but it can also save you some money! Booking venues on Friday and Saturdays are typically the most expensive days to rent out a space and therefore digging a deeper hole into your budget. Brunch weddings are also perfect for Sundays because they allow your guests to not be completely hungover for the dreaded Monday mornings, which again, they will thank you for.


Lastly, you can stop worrying about going over the top with decor or centerpieces. Brunch weddings are the perfect excuse to do a minimalist theme with your decorations, your guest list (sorry Aunt Sue) and your work. which in turn can save even MORE of your budget for the fun stuff ( like drinks and food).

Safe to say, I am still sold on the idea and hope you guys are too!

All my love,

Charlie xo.

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