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We Love Our Bridesmaids

Sometimes when planning a wedding, you need a few extra hands.

Here are some cute ways to keep your bridesmaids happy while helping out with the big day!

Send your girls thoughtful messages every once in a while! These small gestures really do go a long way and can help keep everyone happy while planning your magical event.

Make an excuse to have a girls night at your place! Need your invitations done? Or maybe some favours to be packaged? Grab some bubbly, some great chick flicks and of course some munchies and have the girls over to help, Just remember, ALWAYS make sure to have these essentials to make it worth their while.

Food, Food, Food. No one loves food more than us so we are a HUGE advocate for feeding your friends. Take them out to a cute local restaurant or bring them over for a homecooked meal to discuss plans and wedding details and always make sure to foot the bill. Your big day is expensive for them too and buying them a nice meal once in a while to say thanks is the least a bride can do!

Lastly, a good tip would be to think of a really thoughtful gift for when the big day is nearing. It can either be a group gift (ie. a few necklaces to wear on the day) or something unique to each girl. This thank you gift will make all of their time and hard work worth it for them when it comes to your wedding day and will only make them even more grateful to be apart of it!

All my love,

Charlie xo.

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