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Why we are obsessed with Gold Foil Art

As far as trends go, I can safely say that Gold Foil Art has to be my favourite. Everyone needs a little bit of sparkle in their lives and this new phenomenon definitely fills that need.

As a young entrepreneur, I am constantly looking for ways to brand my name anywhere and any way I can. However, if some of you already know me, you know very well that I am picky when it comes to those things.

I was constantly scrolling through images online and finding nothing that really came across as a good depiction of myself and my business. Suddenly, I started seeing this gold glamour all over my Pinterest and Instagram and had to see how to do it!

Yes, you are able to create your own if you are amazing with photoshop (which unfortunately I have tried and it was by far NOT my best work); OR you can look into local artists to help you get the perfect logo or art piece you are looking for by using this amazing gold technique.

My first instinct was to look at Etsy, the home of local and young art, to help me with my branding. Next I sought out local talent and researched my way into finding a few great artists to help me bring my vision to life! My first endeavour was this simple little beauty pictured above by "Papertie Affair" to help my inspiration for my next gold art ideas.

The best part about this phenomenon is that you can brand it however you want! Not good with words? No problem. Send these artists your favourite picture, or send them a symbol that describes you and your hobbies and watch the magic unfold!

Good luck branding my loves!

Charlie xo.

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