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Winter Wonderland

Having a winter wedding? Still unsure of what flowers you want to go with for your arrangements?

Here's some suggestions for wedding flowers in season to help you get your decisions made!

Greenery, greenery, greenery! Winter weddings have been stepping it up a notch with their floral arrangements by adding more and more greenery and leaves! One example would be by adding succulents into your bouquet which adds depth and interest to the arrangement. Dusty miller is also a gorgeous addition to any bouquet and can give your flowers that "dusted with snow" feel for the perfect winter appearance.

Orchids seem to be a classic look, and they come in such beautiful colours! These flowers are an easy flower to match with your decor which is great if you have a specific vision in terms of colour palette.

Calla Lillies are a beautiful touch to either a full bouquet or alone on its' own. Calla Lillies are truly a simple and elegant flower and can give you that clean and graceful look for any winter wedding.

Lastly, the classic and understated rose. This beautiful and timeless flower can give you that eternal love feel with almost any arrangement. Whether you have your entire decor drenched in roses, or you have just have a few simple roses here and there, these flowers will remind everyone that love is eternal and your wedding will be remembered.

All my love,

Charlie xo.

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