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Featured in WedLuxe - "A Pop of Yellow in a Wild Garden Dreamscape"

There's nothing that we love more than being able to share our passion and creativity with you all and what better to showcase it than in the prestigious WedLuxe!

See below for all of the beautiful details from this stunning day.


Featured: WedLuxe

Planning and Concept Creation: Pretty Plans Wedding & Event Coordination Photography: EC3 Moments

Floral Creation: Coriander Girl

Decor and Place Settings: Plate Occasions

Tapered Candles and Decorative Bar Cart: Vintage Bash

Hair Accessory Placement and Male Grooming: Allyssa Helm Beauty & Co.

Dresses and Dress Accessories: Oh Happy Brides!

Suit and Suit Accessories: Armatura Bespoke

Invitations and Stationery: Pretty In Print Invitations

Hand Dyed Ribbon: Spun Textiles

Wedding Cake: Love in Bloom Cakes

Ring Creator: Alexis Gallery

Bridal Headpieces and Jewelry: The Loved One

Ceremony and Reception Chairs: Detailz Couture

Male Model: Mateo Yepes

Female Model: Sahra Abdi

All my love,

Charlie xo

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