February 8, 2017

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So glad to finally meet you!

February 3, 2016

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Couple Inspo

September 13, 2016

Since it's been a while since we have showcased one of our favourite couples, we thought we'd bring out the big guns and highlight one of our closest friends and power couples, Chris and Christine. (Yes, their names are Chris and Christine) #goals.


Here's our short and sweet blurb from our long lasting friends...


"Some people think it’s crazy how many years we've been together. We also think it's quite wild ourselves, but you start to realize how important that ‘long’ time together really is. Time apart as long distance, and time together living side by side. It really feels like we've been through it all. 


We're well beyond the point of having so many code words that we’re not speaking English anymore. Sometimes, words don't even need to be used for us to know exactly what one another are thinking. This can get tricky however when we forget that we aren't even talking out loud and there are others around us (hehe).


Beyond all of the good and the bad and the ups and the downs, we have learned to appreciate each other for who we are and can safely say, "I kinda like you".


This year is our 7th year together and we're currently working on learning how to nicely share a bag of Cheetos.. that'll be the next big milestone for us."


Amen sister, Amen.


All my love, 

Charlie xo.




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