February 8, 2017

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So glad to finally meet you!

February 3, 2016

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Sian & Robbie

March 28, 2016


Meeting each other in different stages of your lives and them still loving the person you were then and now is an incredible thing. This is Sian and Rob’s unbelievable love story…


“I met Rob when I was 13 years old. He knew my older sister and they had mutual friends. One night, my sister had a social gathering at our house and I decided to join. I couldn’t help but notice a guy who was dancing oddly on the other side of the room and my 13-year-old self thought it was hilarious to point and chuckle at him. As time went by, he then went away for University. I grew up, he grew up and when he returned I met him for the second time as an adult.


It was July 2011 and I went to a friend’s house and he was there. Immediate butterflies flew through my stomach but I chose not to listen to them. All night, we had great conversation and I shared all of the same interests he had. He was so lovely, had a demeanour and a personality like no one I’d ever met before. My first instinct naturally was that it must be too good to be true!


Years later, Rob had finished University and had a career and wanted to move to Toronto from England within the next year. He was older than me and I thought maybe he’d want to “settle down” sometime soon. I however, was young, enjoyed running around with little responsibility and didn’t want a relationship. We agreed we wouldn’t act on our feelings and would keep it platonic. We continued to talk every day, we continued to hang out and kept trying to keep our relationship platonic. We failed.


He kissed me for the first time at Christmas and from then on we were inseparable. It wasn’t until Spring 2012 when my sister said she could tell that I loved him. At that moment, I couldn’t deny it; I did. I have had the best moments in my life with him, and I fall in love with him over and over again everyday. I have now finished my studies, we have travelled together, shared our passion of food, fashion and we’ll be moving to Toronto TOGETHER this year to continue our journey and I can’t wait to create more memories...”


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