February 8, 2017

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So glad to finally meet you!

February 3, 2016

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Mel & Reg

February 14, 2016





It’s always my favourite when the guy tells his version of the story and it’s even cuter than ours! Here’s Mel and Reg’s love story…


“I first spotted her from across the lawn at a party in university. The moment our eyes met I was like a bald eagle locking onto its prey. I knew I had to go over and talk to her. I put my drink down and walked on over to introduce myself but naturally her defences were up. She honestly didn’t give me the time of day at first. One word answers were all I was getting and for a while it was a very one-sided conversation.


It didn’t really go anywhere but a couple of days later I found her tagged in a picture on Facebook. I spent at least an hour lurking all of her photos thinking about how I needed to see her again. So I decided to send her a message telling her exactly that (which I think scored me some brownie points).


She told me she would be at another upcoming party I was going to so I made a point of going and looking my best. From that night on, we’ve been making each other laugh hysterically, smile like lunatics and sing at the top of our lungs to our favourite songs because we just don’t care.


Two years later, the rest is history.





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