February 8, 2017

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So glad to finally meet you!

February 3, 2016

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Chloe & Ryan

February 22, 2016



It’s always more romantic when he doesn’t need the credit for doing something adorable… this story made me swoon! Take a look at the incredible story of Chloe & Ryan…


“It was one of the first times that we had wanted to hang out, and Ryan had explained that he originally had plans to go to a Leafs game… I was going to a party of my own so I didn’t mind and said that we should meet up afterwards. As the party was getting good, I turned around and saw Ryan just walking in. My heart instantly dropped and I was so happy to see him. We spent the entire night laughing and just having a great time together and couldn’t wait until the next time we could see each other.


Two weeks later, I was told by a friend that Ryan had cancelled his Leaf game plans where he was supposed to go with his ex-girlfriend to watch his favourite player at the time Sidney Crosby! He ended up canceling his plans to see the famous hockey player in action with her. He then explained that he was too excited about where things could go with us that he didn’t want to mess things up by missing a chance to see me!


Now, we have spent the past 9 years together, own a house, have a dog and are engaged to be wed on April 28th, 2017 at Casa Loma! Time flies when you’re having fun!”


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