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"Some More Decor!"

Feel like you're not a traditional bride who will have traditional decor? Well you're in luck because we love different!

Here are some brilliant ideas for having that unique look for your table decor!



These little guys are great because you can put whatever you want inside! This unique take on a vase keeps your decor looking modern and fresh!

Geometric Shapes

Geometric Shapes

Such a soft but edgy addition to your perfect wedding table! Add a few flowers here and there and you have a trendy new version of a romantic setting.


Metallic Centrepiece

Amazing what a little metallic shine can do! Talk about making a bold look!


Greenery Centrepiece

This greenery can make any occasion feel more natural. Not to mention, this look is super easy to make!

Wooden Boxes

Box Centrepiece

These simple but beautiful looking centrepieces will catch anyone's eye! Keeping it simple has never looked so good!

All my love,

Charlie xo,

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